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ACE Cheer



All Star Cheer 

Competitive cheer (also known as All-Star Cheerleading) is a competition sport that involves tumbling, jumping, stunting, and dancing for 2 minutes and 30 seconds on a stage under bright lights in front of hundreds of people.
Teams are grouped based on age and skill level.  We offer teams from Show, Tiny, Mini, Youth,  and Junior, levels 1-3 
This routine is performed and scored against other competitive teams.
The competition teams perform in and out of State. 
All-Star Cheerleading is not all about the glitz and glam. It is about love, passion, teamwork, and dedication.

 Tiny Show/Novice Ages 3-6

  • Tiny Show/Novice is for beginners 3-6
  • No experience required
  • Show/Novice team is a great way to introduce athletes to the cheer world!


Level 1 All Star Cheer Ages 6-12

Level 1 Evaluation Expectation

  • Level 1 Mini and Youth 
  • No prior experience required but strongly recommende

Level 2 All Star Cheer Ages 6-12

  • Level 2 Youth and Junior l 
  • Experience Required


Level 2 Evaluation Expectation

Level 3 All Star Cheer Ages 8-14

Level 3 Evaluation Expectation 

  • Level 3 Junior
  • Experience Required