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Tumble Class Info

Ace Tumbling

 Description of skill levels 1-3

(Determined by United States All Star Cheer Federation)

Group Tumbling Classes will resume September 14th
Private Tumbling are available upon request.  Contact 318-707-1396
Level 1 Standing Tumbling
  • Forward and Backward Roll & Extension Roll
  • Cartwheel & 2 step hurdle round-off0
  • Back Walkover*Controlled*Consecutive
  • Front Walkover
Level 1 Running Tumbling
  • Cartwheel to a Back Walkover

  • Front Walkover to Cartwheel Back Walkover

Level 2 Standing Tumbling

  • Standing Back Handspring

  • Back Walkover Back Handspring

  • All Level 1 Skills

Running Tumbling

  • Round-off Backhandspring(s)
  • Front Walkover to Round-off Backhandspring(s)
  • Round-off Backhandspring step out 1/2 turn to Round off BHS(s)
  • Front Handspring
Level 3 Standing Tumbling
  • Standing Consecutive Backhandsprings
  • Toe Touch or any Jump to BHS(s)
  • All Level 1 & 2 skills
Level 3 Running Tumbling
  • Round off  BHS to Back Tuck
  • Round off Back Tuck
  • Front Handspring
  • Level 2 running skills through to a Back tuck
  • Punch Front